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Hi :).
I’m Chani. Emotional alchemist, spiritualist, channel, lifelong student, guide, conscious creator. Certified Breathwork Practitioner, Trauma-Informed & Magnetic Mind Coach & Specialist. I teach reality creation as an art. I am forever learning what it means to be in a physical body, and honor purpose.

Multidimensional channel for Source. A student and vessel of ancient Hermetics, Buddha, Christ-Consciousness, the IChing, an ACIM Student, and many other beautiful bodies of wisdom. All of this folds into the way I guide, support & counsel my clients and loved ones. No one gets the same combination of medicine when working with me. We decide together what’s calling you. It’s funner that way.

I’ve been journaling, writing poetry, consciously creating, publishing books, making art, and studying for 20+ years. As a spiritual advisor I listen and offer counsel and resources to those ready for the transformation that comes with self-ownership.

on the journey

healing is not an end goal or a life sentence. restoring and discovering the Self are doorways & portals we continuOUSLY step through to ACCESS new versions of self. THIS IS AN ever-expanding universe. so every experience is an invitation into what’s next. always moving us toward self-responsibility & conscious growth. despite popular belief, our suffering does not make us worthy of peace. we are always worthy of that.

we will encounter the friction of emergence on this path; as discomfort is master of remembrance, pain the inevitable teacher, & suffering a choice we’ve been conditioned to normalize.

change +
transformation = growth

I am here to support the expansion of human consciousness. I believe growth is inevitable and that we EACH have a responsibility to evolve intentionally. A responsibility to express & create honestly. This means nothing gets a pass. As emotionally mature integral beings, no matter what life is showing us – we remain open to the gift of insight being offered. From here we create possibility and align to our gifts with ease.

I believe in what I teach and teach what I live. My clients explore the art of self-mastery & learn ways to apply sacred, ancient, & infinite wisdom into their lives. I guide people to (re)calibrate to the frequency of their Soul through the mind-body complex. I believe we’ve made a choice to experience being human at THIS time and that at our core we’re courageous, capable of change, and deserving of love. Through years of dedicated practice, study, and personal transformation – I understand what it is to identify & shift patterns. To choose from love rather than fear.

the unfolding path

the path of self mastery may feel daunting at times. or it may feel thrilling at times. but whether we are conscious of it or not, it’s always unfolding. making a conscious choice to do the work is the key to enjoying the unfolding. spiritual work, emotional work, shadow work – it’s all the same shit at the end of the day. 

think of the ‘shadow’ aspects of Self as those spots where we’ve not shone light, and so we just don’t know them yet. & think of the ‘work’ as preparing to meet ourselves in these unlit spaces, where we realize what the ego is willing to do to keep us (hidden) from pain. 

when we do this work, we get to know the felt-sense of safety and learn to decipher the Truth of who we are from the chaos & clutter of the mind. and everything shifts.

1:1 Sessions (In person or video)

Intuitive and Informed.
support. guidance. counsel.

Establish your relationship to the 4 reality creation tools and create a rhythm that is YOURS. Quantum mechanics and quantum physics teach us that how the universe operates at the most quantum level is how it operates at the macro level of your life experience. Realize the empowered, enlivened, animated, clear minded, and peaceful version of yourself every day :). 

Woo-woo or not, of this supports my clients with very practical real-life shit. 

– Trauma transmutation (all events / most ages)
– Greif / Forgiveness Counsel
– Addiction Support (key avoidance pattern recognition)
– Personalized Spiritual Practice Curation
– Shadow-Play / Mirror-Work 
– Certified Breathwork Facilitation & Support
– Guided Study (Kybalion, ACIM, & other texts of our choosing)
– Life Restructuring (focus on 5 key areas + 4 Core tools)
– Emotional Pattern Recognition…Self Esteem, Depression, Anxiety, etc.
– Inventory (beliefs, values, standards, relationships w others & self)
– Self Guided Co-Parenting Planning

Individual Sessions and customizable package options – including timeline jumps, belief reversal, writing prompts/guidance, dream interpretation, iChing Readings, Mirror Work Support, Plant Medicine Regiment planning, etc. 

personalized Breathwork facilitation

breathworks academy Level2 certified facilitator
Initial Session 2.5 - 3 hour deep dive. Activate dormant energies or gently explore the landscape of the breath. We will contour the approach to you. Leave with your own practice framework to carry forward into your life.
I am ready

emotional alchemy + trauma informed guidance

the gateway to freedom is self-mastery
6 Session Minimum. Personalized resources, meditations, and exercises. Custom cadence. Identify unconscious beliefs & patterns, establish a framework of self-mastery. Shift incoherency into new portals of perception.
discovery call

Inner Guidance training for the initiate

awaken your own voice
3 Session Minimum. Objective Teachings. Leveraging various frameworks and fundamental texts as to reorient the way we have been conditioned to our current values, beliefs, and standards.
discovery call

À la Carte & Custom Fit Menu

Receive Specific Guidance & Support
Individual Sessions and customizable package options - including Intuitive Oracle & iChing Readings, writing techniques, Mirror Work Support, Plant Medicine Regiment planning, etc.
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& yet love
is beyond words
we are the ink 
in god’s favorite pen
..the (blank) paper 
on divinity’s desk
 of our own power
until properly used (loved)

written 5.23.34 chani


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